we have turned our desire to work with beautiful people who are committed to doing beautiful things by setting out for beautiful reasons into an “insprad volunteering project”. for this purpose, we decided to work with a non-governmental organization that does not have sufficient support to announce itself and its activities.
we started our journey of social solidarity by coming together with the “octopus volunteers association” (tr. ahtapot gönüllüleri derneği) which develops projects in every field needed from children to stray dogs, homeless people and disabled people.
in the first place, we set a marketing strategy for the octopus volunteers association. in line with this strategy, we have reconsidered the brand identity and made it look brand new.
our business is not only limited to design and communication language, of course. sometimes we gathered garbage with other volunteers, sometimes we ran on the bridge, even came and even wrapped dolma. we have realized different projects together.
as an association and agency that believes in a culture of cooperation and support, we continue our journey by getting plenty of inspiration and sharing our inspiration with everyone around us.
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